Becoming Human Challenge

Brought to you by Newman Chiropractic

Humans, when healthy, have always been the most amazing species on the planet. As we’ve progressed, our overall health has declined so much that some say we are more different than we are similar to our ancestors. While many of our recent bad habits are the cause of our poor health, the way in which we become or maintain health has never changed. We challenge each of you to become “more human” this month.

The Challenge

During the month of August we challenge you to be mindful of your relaxation habits, and you’ll be rewarded for doing so. Healthy habits don’t happen overnight, and many of our best habits have only stuck after many failures. Start slow with one habit at a time.

The Tips

  • Limit your screen time.

  • Perform 5 minutes of belly breathing, daily.

  • Read your content.

  • Download a mindfulness app.

  • 15 minutes of single tasking per day. (be on the look out for more on this on our Youtube Channel here).

The Reward

If you’ve made some healthy changes that you’re proud of share your story with us. Email us your story by filling out the form below, or leave us a review on Google or Facebook. Once received we will send you our T-shirt for the month you won. Good luck!

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