Unlocking the Strength of Our Inner Child



We are built to move. Take any child without a neurological deficit and watch how they grow. They all choose to move the same, without any guidance. They;

  • breathe from the diaphragm

  • develop head control

  • roll from back to belly & from belly to back

  • rock on hands and knees

  • crawl either commando style or on hands and knees

  • walk

  • run

  • skip

Always in that order. Once they begin moving they love to explore & rarely ever choose to be sedentary.


As we age we choose to move less. Some may say we are forced to move less due to varying circumstances,

  • 50-70% of each day is spent sitting at work or at school

  • The common "activity of choice" for adults and children is consuming media while sedentary

No matter the reason the fact remains. Humans are naturally moving less and less as we age compared to our ancestors. This is a problem, it is no wonder 80% of the population suffers from low back pain 75% suffer from neck pain, making up the vast majority of doctors visits every year.


All these movement patterns are integral to our development as children and must be maintained to create adults that are healthy and safe from injury. They’re important because they tie our shoulders & hips together. This allows for a close coordination between;

  • contralateral shoulder & hip (left shoulder + right hip)

  • same side shoulder & hip (left shoulder + left hip)

  • contralateral arm & leg (left arm + right leg)

  • same side arm & leg (left arm + left leg)

These relationships create the foundation of any movement pattern that a human performs

It's in this coordination that true “core stability” is created. When your hips, shoulders, neck, arms, and legs move in unison with each other, without effort, your body stays in full control and therefore injury during movement and repetitive stress injury is significantly reduced.

Some may feel funny doing it, but continuing to perform “tummy time”, belly to back rolls, and crawling will maintain amazing "core strength" throughout your years will keep you moving, feeling young, and injury free.