Rib Dysfunction


  • A deep, dull, achy pain just next to your spine

  • Sharp pain just inside your shoulder blade

  • Pain or tenderness near the front of your chest

  • Pain that fluctuates with rotation of your torso

  • Pain that fluctuates or becomes sharp & stabbing with deep breathing, coughing or laughing

Research shows that approximately 80% of chest pain cases are benign


  • Chiropractors are specially trained to examine you for presence of rib dysfunction, as well as irritation & involvement of any surrounding muscle tissue

  • A safe & appropriate treatment method of spinal adjustments to improve rib motion & myofascial treatment to the surrounding musculature typically results in quick & highly effective recovery 

Nearly 50% of ER or cardiac clinic visits are estimated to be spinal/muscular in origin

How can ribs be “dysfunctional”

  • Nearly all your ribs are attached in 2 places: your spine in your back & your sternum in the front of the chest

  • Recent trauma, poor posture, less than ideal sleeping patterns & many other factors can all result in a mechanical dysfunction between your ribs & their attachments